January 23, 2014

PoD on GitHub

Hey Guys,

Anar here...

It has been a long time since my last post :)
You know, I got a new project, which will be a successor of PoD. But it will be much more generic and will be able to handle not only PROOF processes, but any. It will also support complex, configurable topologies. ;)
BTW, it has even gotten a code name :) - "DDS".

It will take some time until it's ready...

Regarding PoD. If you are a user of PoD, DON'T worry. I am going to continue supporting it and even continue developing it to keep it up to date util DDS is ready to take it over.

So, now the main news.
Due to some security changes at GSI I decided to move PoD to github.
Meet new home of PoD: https://github.com/AnarManafov/PoD

If you decide to clone, don't forget to git submodule update --init ;)

Now you can subscribe for updates and also use github issue tracker to post a request or report a bug.



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