January 18, 2010

PoD 2.1.3

I am very glad to announce the release of PoD v2.1.3.

Some Highlights of this release
  • This version makes it possible to setup a native PROOF client/server connection in PoD environment, rather than to have it packet forwarded. if your workers are behind a firewall than PoD will automatically use its packet forwarding algorithms to maintain the PROOF traffic between server and workers. But if a direct connection is possible, than PoD will setup a native PROOF connection for such a workers. That means, by using PoD you can now setup a dynamic PROOF cluster and get a FULL functionality of PROOF on the native PROOF speed. For example you could now retrieve PROOF logs from a ROOT session or use PROOF's new submerger functionality to speed up the merging phase + all other nice and useful PROOF features.
Minimally required version of ROOT is 5.25.04 or higher. Otherwise PoD will not be able to detect idle status when a native PROOF connection is used and will consider that your session is always idle and will shutdown it after a defined timeout.