October 4, 2012

PoD 3.12

Anar here...

finally after a very long vacation time and other stuff I am very glad to release a new stable version of PoD.
PoD v3.12 is out and ready for consumption.

Highlights of this release

please check the release notes for more details.

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February 28, 2012

PoD 3.10

Anar here...

PoD version 3.10 is released and ready for consumption.

Highlights of this release
  • Implemented new gLite plug-in.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes in PoD modules related to worker-node-side.
  • PoD GUI is officially discontinued.
  • pod-ssh: for user's convenience it's possible now to use commands without the "--" sign, e.g.: "pod-ssh submit" or "pod-ssh clean".
  • pod-ssh: learned a "--for-worker" option to perform an action on given worker nodes.
  • pod-remote: got several fixes to better work via SSH open domains.
  • Updated User's Manual.
  • Many minor bugfixes and further improvements were made.
please check the release notes for more details.