April 8, 2010

TORQUE/PBS plug-in

Anar here...

I've just finished the first stable version of a TORQUE/PBS plug-in for PoD.
One more plug-in which will be shipped by default with PoD distributions, additionally to gLite and LSF.
Worth to mention, that the LSF plug-in is already in production for ALICE users at GSI.

From now on PoD user can also make use of PBS facilities and setup private PROOF clusters on the fly using PoD.

The plug-in will be released with PoD v2.1.4 and currently it is in a beta.

I am looking for test users, who has access to PBS clusters and want help and try/test PoD. Any feedback is appreciated. ;)
If you want to test PoD (with pbs), just drop me an email on A.Manafov@gsi.de.
You can also just download the latest nightly and give it a try. More information here.

BTW, v2.1.4 will also come with a new command line interface. So now finally we have both, GUI and CLI ;)

The next plug-in is already in development - it is SSH plug-in. With help of it, any machine on which you have ssh access can become your PROOF worker on demand. ;)

See you soon...