December 9, 2010

Condor plug-in for PoD

Anar here...

As it was promised, I am very happy to release today an early beta of a Condor plug-in for PoD.
Before saying anything else I would like to show a screenshot-demo :)
In order to test the plug-in I have used a Condor cluster at CERN (special thanks to Wen Guan, who has helped me with that).

Now the demo. 
I will show PoD CLI, since the Condor plug-in doesn't support GUI yet.

First of all, same as always, PoD server needs to be started:

than I submitted 6 PoD jobs, using a Condor job manager (this is done via the plug-in). I submit only 6, because we were in hurry and there are only 2 worker nodes on which my account was enabled.

After a few seconds we can check whether there are already PROOF workers online and how many of them:

That's it! Our dynamic PROOF cluster is ready:

So, from now on PoD supports Condor resource management system as well. Which makes it 6.
Six supported RMS.
PoD supports: SSH, LSF, PBS (PBSPro/OpenPBS/Torque), Grid Engine (OGE/SGE), Condor, and gLite.

All most popular RMS are supported. If you need PROOF for your users, just get one of these RMSs and PoD will handle the rest ;)
No need to administrate, to setup and support any PROOF cluster. Each user can setup its own PROOF cluster on the fly using PoD just on demand.

The stable release of PoD, which will be shipped with the Condor plug-in is scheduled for the first week of January, 2011.
I think there is no reason to be hurry and to do the release before the upcoming Holidays ;) We rather can use this time to do more tests and improve User's manual...

But you shouldn't wait until the stable is out. Try the Condor plug-in right now and help us to improve the product. If you want to check this release out, please use the latest nightly build:
Contact us in case of any problem:

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