October 31, 2009

PoD 2.1.1 on AFS

Yesterday, PoD has been tested at CERN.
We used PoD 2.1.1 and LSF plug-in. The LSF plug-in so-far only supports a shared file system on LSF, the installation therefore was done on AFS.

So, as it was expected ;) PoD worked out of the box! We submitted about 30 jobs. The start-up time for LSF jobs was very vast. I think we got all our workers within 20 seconds.

Now I can confirm, PoD (with LSF plug-in) has been officially tested at CERN.

The only problem we faced was the restriction of AFS.
New version of PoD creates a named-pipe - it is used in the latest thread pool algorithm of PoD. Unfortunately we found out that AFS doesn't support pipes:

Subject: 2.13  Can I create a fifo (aka named pipe) in /afs?
No. AFS does not support "mknod fifofile p".
It is actually very simple to fix in PoD. The patch is already in development and will be released very soon.

Have a nice day!

October 29, 2009

ALICE Offline week

Anar here ...

This week I gave a PoD presentation on the ALICE offline week.
My slides you can find here ;)

If everything goes as planned, PoD will take place of GSI's static PROOF cluster and will be used on daly basis as a default way of processing PROOF analysis. At least we are going in that direction currently.
Will keep you posting on this one...

October 26, 2009

PoD 2.1.1

Finally a new version of PoD has been released.
This time PoD got lots of improvements and most of all the pod-agent - a core module, has been upgraded and now made a use of the thread pool pattern. This gives a much smaller virtual memory footprint and also improves the performance by a huge factor in a network intensive operations (such as a file list validation when thousands of files are in the list and a merging) when many worker nods are used.

All users are kindly asked to stop using all prevues versions of PoD, including betas and move to v2.1.1.
The first reason is that this version is a factor of 10 faster in network intensive operations (like file validation and merging) and a virt. memory footprint of it is now reduced by a factor of 14 in compare to the prevues release + many many more improvements.
The second, since I am the only developer I can't give much support for older versions. So, if you have a problem with PoD the first question would be, "are you using the latest one?"... ;)

BTW, starting from this version, PoD generates a helper header file. The header should help you to automat a PROOF connection string in your scripts.
Read more in user's manual.

There are many more other features added and fixed. You can find more information in the Release Notes.

Find more details on PoD Trac.