September 17, 2010

PoD 2.2

Anar here...

After several months of development :) I am pleased to announce the release of PoD 2.2!

Highlights of this release
  • A major highlight of this release is the first implementation of the PoD with SSH plug-in (see User's Manual, Chapter 11. SSH plug-in).
  • The PoD distribution package is even more smaller now, it is only 3 MB :)
  • A heavily revised build system, should help users to build and to install PoD from the source code conveniently.
  • PoD doesn't use xrootd anymore. Instead xproofd is used. Starting with ROOT version 5.24/00 an executable named xproofd is also available under $ROOTSYS/bin. The xproofd executable is built out of the same main program used to build the xrootd executable. However, it loads by default the XrdProofdProtocol instead of the data-serving protocol XrdXrootdProtocol. The purpose of this daemon is to simplify the configuration when data-serving is not needed or it is handled differently.
  • Implemented an automatic execution of a custom (user specified) environment script on workers before PoD processes start. (see User's Manual, section 5.2.)
  • Revised PoD workers package and algorithms helped to reduce requirements and decrease start up time.