July 7, 2011

PoD 3.6

I'm very glad to announce a new stable release of PoD.

PoD version 3.6 has now been released.

Highlights of this release
  • A New great functionality - the pod-remote command.
  • PoD officially supports now the LoadLeveler (IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler) plug-in.
  • PoD WN has bin ported to MacOSX (10.6). Now PoD (UI/Server/WN) run on Linux and MacOSX.
  • In this version each PoD WN starts its own xproofd daemon. In this case we can control and handle each PoD worker individually.
  • The pod-ssh command got several major improvements.
  • The build of pod-console is disabled by default. At the moment CLI is much more advanced, powerful and recommend to use over GUI. The GUI is being redesigned and work in progress.
  • Updated User's Manual.
  • Many minor bugfixes and further improvements were made.