December 2, 2009

PoD 2.1.2

It is my pleasure to announce the release of PoD 2.1.2.

Some Highlights of this release
  • Now PoD officially supports AFS. You can install PoD at CERN. See "PoD at CERN’s AFS".
  • It is very important to mention, that the code of PoD's LSF plug-in got a lot of improvements. It is now smarter, faster, and, most importantly, LSF and resource friendly.
  • Now users can configure whether to receive LSF jobs' std/err output via emails or files (files - by default). It's configurable in PoD user defaults ($POD_LOCATION/etc/PoD.cfg). Only for the LSF plug-in.
  • Now user can configure whether PoD workers should upload log files at the end of the session or not (not - by default). It's configurable in PoD user defaults ($POD_LOCATION/etc/PoD.cfg). Only for the LSF plug-in.
  • Now users can define $ROOTSYS as a ROOT version for workers. Workers will use that version of ROOT, which is defined on a PoD server machine (in case of shared home) or WN will use any version defined on it under $ROOTSYS. It's configurable in PoD user defaults ($POD_LOCATION/etc/PoD.cfg), see worker.my_rootsys. Now it is a default value.
  • GUI (pod-console) now can detect that there is no user activity. And if it lasts for 15 minutes, it switches all sensors automatically off and shows an information message. This prevents unnecessary system usage when pod-console is left without a user attention.
+ a lot more visible and internal changes...

To find out all changes, which where introduced in this version, please, meet our web site
follow the direct link to ReleaseNotes.

Actually you find all needed information on

PoD works out of the box! Most users won't even need to know the location of PoD user defaults - configuration file ;)

Since 2.1.2 contains important changes, including security fixes, it is very much recommended to start your next dynamic PROOF session with PoD 2.1.2.

BTW, it is about one month since GSI (Darmstadt) switched to a dynamic PROOF cluster using PoD, instead of a static one.
PoD is a toolset, which helps to unleash another powerful side of such a great product like PROOF.

In case of any problem or questions on this version please immediately contact to
You feedback will be always appreciated. The development of PoD is only driven by your feedback!