November 15, 2011

PoD 3.8

Anar here...

Finally I can announce,  that

PoD version 3.8 is released and ready for consumption.

Highlights of this release

I've been mostly concentrated on pod-ssh and pod-remote during this development cycle. As a result, 
  • the pod-ssh command got some new features and many bugs fixed. 
  • Users can now define an environment script for WNs in pod-ssh config files. It's so called an inline environment script.
  • The pod-remote command has been revamped and is fully functional now (including the ssh open domain option).
  • PoD has been successfully tested on MacOSX 10.7.
  • PoD WNs support now the older versions of MacOSX (the minimum is 10.5).
  • Updated User's Manual.
  • Many minor bugfixes and further improvements were made.
please check the release notes for more details.