May 27, 2010

PoD 2.1.4

Anar here...

It is always a pleasure to announce a new release of PoD. Yesterday night I have released PoD 2.1.4.

Some Highlights of this release
  • A new build system has been introduced. The source code of sub-modules of PoD is now shipped along with the PoD distribution. Now PoD is much more easer to install and to maintain. Please see a how-to-install page in user's manual.
  • Now PoD is shipped with a new plug-in. Starting from this release we implemented and will support a PBS/Torque plug-in. This opens a possibility to our users to submit PoD jobs to PBS resource management system. We support PBS (torque) and PBSPro, with both shared and not shared home file systems.
  • PoD got a new command line interface (CLI). Using PoD's CLI users will be able to start, stop PoD server, retrieve its status, submit PoD jobs to a different resource management systems, check status and a number of available PoD/PROOF workers and more... Please see PoD user's manual for more details.
  • PoD gLite plug-in and glite-api-wrapper library is now supporting gLite UI 3.2.

May 19, 2010

PROOF progress dialog window

Yesterday Gerri has implemented a useful patch in PROOF. From the now on it is possible to switch the PROOF progress dialog off.
Add method TProof::SetProgressDialog(Bool_t on = kTRUE) to disable the progress dialog
window while preserving graphics from the final actions in Terminate. This may be useful
when X over network is slow. To disable the dialog the call


has to be placed before Process(...).
Many users, who does PROOF remotely will find this as an extremely handy feature. ;)
The patch was committed as a revision 33562.