June 16, 2009

PoD 2.0.8 has been released

Just a minute ago I have released version 2.0.8.
The main goal of this development was to reduce resource requirements PoD server need to handle its workers, in terms of a number of threads and memory. It looks like the task was successfully accomplished. Resource requirements were reduced by a factor of 3.

Now, since GSI ALICE group started to use PoD, PoD is tested with an ALICE PROOF-tutorial analysis (an example of a standard ALICE PROOF analysis) using 80 dynamic PROOF workers on LSF batch system.

Find more details on PoD Trac.

Release 2.0.8 2009-06-16
- Using PROOFAgent's new configuration file.
- A better handling of multiple PoD workers on the same worker node started in the same time.
- Many minor fixes.
=== GAW v3.2.0
=== PROOFAgent v2.0.0 (2009-06-15) with the following changes:
   - Dramatically reduced a number of threads, which PA produces (on both server and client sides).
   - A slight redesign of the packet forwarder. PA now requires a factor of 3 less resources to handle each worker.
   - Removed the dependency on XERCES-C library.
   - The configuration file has been redesigned. Now using an INI style.
   - The build system has been switched from GNU Autotools to cmake.
   - Due to many bugs in FindBOOST of older versions of cmake we require cmake 2.6.4.
   - New configuration parameter - client.shutdown_if_idle_for_sec. Shut down a worker if its idle time is higher than this value.
   - Cosmetic changes.
=== PAConsole v1.0.7 (2009-06-15) with the following changes:
   - Source code cleaning.
   - Using new PROOFAgent's configuration file.
   - Fixed a case when several users run a PoD server and PAConsole couldn't recognize properly whether PoD runs or not.
   - LSF plug-in:
      * use LSF's queue information to limit the maximum number of workers in GUI.