October 17, 2008

PROOF on Demand

I am very glad to announce that gLitePROOF project is being upgraded to "PROOF on Demand" - a POD project.

POD is a successor of gLitePROOF.

This is not only a change of the name of the project, but mainly the significant upgrade of usability and usage fields.

Starting from gLitePROOF version 2.0.7, the project got a new name and a plug-in support. It now supports different job managers, for example, current version already supports gLite plug-in and LSF plug-in.
That simply means, users are able to get PROOF workers on gLite sites or local LSF batch farms or on all kinds at the same time (it's also possible) by only one click.
Very soon there will be releases of plug-ins for PBS, Globus and we planning to use Condor as well.
POD doesn't require root privileges and has negligible number of requirements, has a simple installation procedure. It setups a PROOF cluster on the fly.

Project currently is in a transformation stage, but you can already check out and try:
- Documentation
- Download the latest nigtly (so-far it has an old name - gLitePROOFpackage)
- meet POD's Trac

The first stable release of POD with full support of gLite and LSF planned to December, 2008.